Well hello there pretty face! How nice that just you have found your way to my blog!

My name is Linda, I am born in Sweden but since then I’ve been working hard on my expat status and today I have a house in Oslo, Norway, but I live currently in Madrid, Spain. Further on I have a son who’s father lives in Paris, my family is still living in Sweden, I travel regularly between those four countries, and I call them all my home <3

I am studying economy, run this blog adventure plus a start-up (that is still a little bit secret) and I also have not one but soon two podcasts together with one of my best friends.
My wish is to make this blog an inspirational place with pictures and texts that makes you dream away for a little while and escape the hectic everydaylife we all struggle with.
Here you will find what I fill my life with: work, dreams, food, pros and cons of being an expat, student and mother, and some “best of” from my travels.

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you will enjoy it!