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14 December 2018

Food & Travel My City Tips


In the middle of la Latina, there’s a really cute little café filled with perfect traditional Spanish breakfasts as well as chic and cosy ambiance. Café Ruda is placed in la Latina area, in a corner where you find the local market el Rastro every sunday, a  modern version of a flea market with second hand treasures and local products mixed with “mil cosas” and all you can think of kind of decorations. In this area of Madrid you can wander around the streets and admire the pretty architecture and maybe take the sunday stroll along Madrid Río, the playful park along the Malanzares river.

When I came here, the café was filled with youngsters taking a coffee in front of their laptop, and couples and families enjoying their brunch together, good mixture and low volume, rare for being ain Spain (highly appreciated by the quiet Swede here 😉 )

I have had difficulties finding really good quality coffee in Madrid, this place was maybe not my number one coffee when it comes to taste or strength, but the ambiance and their breakfast was lovely. Thumbs up for this very instagram friendly place!



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