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3 January 2019

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Just kidding, it is impossible to choose. But if you have never been in Paris and you seek the “must-sees” when going there, I’ve collected my top 5 WOW places for you. Although my absolute tips is to just go out and hang out anywhere in the city and feel the Parisian wibe. <3

  1. Trocadero and la tour Eiffel. Take the métro to métro 6, Trocadero station and from there you walk out among the thousands of tourists and have the very best view of the Eiffel Tower. I guess that is what you should absolutely not miss if you come here.

2. Montmartre. Métro 12, Abesses station and take the Funiculaire to go up to see the magnificent baislique Sacré Coeur and a SPLENDIDE view of Paris. Here you should take a tour around the neighbourhood and maybe stop at place de Tertre to admire the artists there and take something to eat or drink in one of the cafés there. Montmartre is really one of the most magical places in Paris and I would recommend everyone who comes to Paris to not miss this. Maybe even more beautiful and interesting than the Eiffel Tower.

3. Invalides, Pont Alexandre III and over to the 8th arrondissement. Métro 8, la Tour-Maubourg station.

Classic Parisian spots, Les Invalides is a magnificent building and the streets feels very Parisian and with less tourists around, you get a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower from the bridge Alexandre III, which is a masterpiece in itself. Cross it over to the 8th arrrondissement and admire le Grand Palais as well as la place de la Concorde on your way towards Champs Elysées and l’arc de Triomphe. Well, you see, that was how many? Six tips in one, as there are so many beautifuls pots you see only by crossing one district to another. <3

4. Place des Vosges and Le Marais, métro 1, St Paul station.

Warning for a beauty choc, here every street is like an old painting of Paris in the good old days, and everywhere you turn you will find small authentic cafés and boutiques filled with hand crafted necessary and non-neccessary things you absolutely want to buy. At place des Vosges there are many classic brasseries and in le Marais you find bars, restaurants and hipsters in a wonderful mixture. Le Marais is often mentioned as the gay area of Paris, but that is not really what is significant for the area I’d say, in my opinion it is more the authentic Parisian feeling, and all the beautiful buildings.

5. Parc Buttes Chaumont and the 19th arrondissement. Métro 7bis, Buttes Chaumont station.

A quite unknown spot that I never heard of until I moved to Paris the first time. I love this parc, it is surrounded by pretty surroundings and in the middle it has a fantastic view of Sacré Coeur and Montmartre.

The 19th district of Paris is also an area I like a lot, it is a bit ruff and has a perfect mixture of old and new, modern and old, classy and street style : I love the mix and when I am in this area I like to take the walk around the parc and then down towards the Canal St Martin, which is also another hidden Parisian pearl. Oh my, you hear, I can’t really stick to a few favourite places here. Again, my best tips is to just go out the streets and enjoy the Parisian feeling, every district has it’s own charm and it’s own beautiful spots. If you are curious about going to Paris I would at least make sure I’d see these spots I’ve mentioned here. Or book one month of staying so that you have enough time hehe 🙂

Enjoy your evening, Bisous de Paris! <3

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