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Part two of my own little personal education and introduction in the world of personal finance, and today we’re taking the word savings into a deeper consideration. Improving your economical situation is not only about earning more money, it is also about reducing your costs. Minimizing your life can be one helpful way of saving money and live a more suistanable and less consuming life.

By letting go of unnecessary things, you make space for what is important in life, which, honestly, has nothing to do with things. While cleaning out among your stuff, you  may find that you have spent a lot of money on things that does not add any real value in your life, such as yet another polyester pullover from one of the big chains, or a new set of wine glasses to the home collecton (although never used), to mention some of the things I used to spend money on before going towards downshifting my life. If you start to consider everything you buy in to your home, and really make a reflection about the need for it before you go to action and buy, then you have a chance to get an insight about your consumption behaviour and avoid to drag home things you do not really need.

Minimalism is a relatively new and modern movement that arises as a contradiction towards the excess of consumption and the increasing interest for a downshiftning and suistanable lifestyle with the environment in focus. Starting to reflect over what you spend money on and why you do it, can result in a profound change where you will become more aware and selective as a costumer. As a bonus, there is the possibility to sell or give away some of the things you may not have use for anymore, and earn a little something, or give somebody else the opportunity to make use for what you no longer need.

I am very curious about this topic, pretty new when it comes to minimalism as a lifestyle but I already have some habits up and running: I buy a lot of mine and my son’s clothes and furnitures second hand, I also sell or give away all things that I do no longer have use for. What I’d like to learn more about is how to feel fashionable or follow an interest for clothes, interior or other materialistic things and still be good to your wallet as well as the environment? To be continued 🙂

Next week I am looking into the budget world, and will make my very first own budget too! Very excited to finally take some actions on my economical situation!


Thanks as always for reading, and thank you for your PM’sm about topics to present here (on instagram: @lindaloefling)!

Enjoy your weekend!



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