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20 January 2019

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Many people know I am a sporty person, but not all know that I am a horse rider! Sporadically since I moved to Paris and those years that followed but now I’m back again! Yesterday I jumped up on a horseback for my first lesson! This will be followed by several, hopefully on a regular basis. I am so, so glad that this actually happened, and I am so grateful for the opportunity that was given to me as a surprise <3

(And for those who are curious of where this was, it is a stable in Griñon, a little drive outside Madrid.)

If I can get horses back in my life, I am pretty sure that anxiety I struggle with sometimes, would slowly dissapear. Horses and all activities around them, are completely clean from performance for me, I just go into some bubble of calm and relaxation. That smell of the stable, the horses, the equipment, what memories and feelings it awakens. Memories of struggle with cold winterdays and rainy autums where you have been out to take care of those horses and riding no matter the weather. Memories of when you succeed to be one with the animal and it listens and does the movement you ask for, memories of warm sunsets, galopping on a field, laughs together with family and good friends, secrets and conversations shared on miles and miles of wooden paths, from a warm horseback. The warmth of the animal, the respect you always need to have and the focus you need to sharpen up and have 100% alert, it makes you forget everything else for a while and really live in the moment.

Mindfullness at it’s best I guess?

Now it’s time for breakfast and a day on the pueblo, the spanish word for countryside. Love it!

Happy Sunday people!

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