Monday again – the best day of the week, right?

I invested in a TRX band (is it even called a band??) a while ago and it has been a very good tool that I like to use sunny days in the park. With the TRX I have the feeling that I reach muscles I can’t reach with weights or with my body weight. It really helps getting you into positions where you can make that extra effort, and get some serious soar muscles for the aftermath. I went to some TRX classes first to learn how to apply the technique properly before starting to use it on my own, but it is not really necessary if you know some basic exercises and how they should be performed.

If I feel like I need some inspiration, I just check some TRX vid’s on youtube and I normally get a new, inspiring program formated for free! There are so many videos out there with tips and tricks!

So, today’s tips: Buy a TRX band! As soon as I get my hands on a helpful photographer, I’ll be posting some basic exercises that I have started with, super simple to try out at home too!


Let me know if you tried out the TRX already, did you like it?


Thanks for reading! <3

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