Well, last week did not really turn out as planned, to say things mildly…I had server problems, migraine, birthday parties, dinners…and some stomach flu on top of it. Gah!

So today when I woke up feeling all muscles on my shoulders and neck blocked, and the oh so well known pain behind my right eye – then I thought I would become mad. No more MIGRAINE! I have hence just been taking this day very slowly, staying in bed as much as possible, only been out for a walk in the park to make sure Mini is not tearing the house apart due to an excess of energy. Phew, it is not an easy task being a parent while being ill, maybe one of the most challenging things you can have to deal with actually.

So, a sad week for the blog, but with all this bad luck it can only mean GOOD STUFF for next week! And monday is my favourite day of the week, so I really look forward til tomorrow!

I will do no more today, it is a date with me and my bed in a little while, and a can of ice cream because…well just because.

Hope you guys are having a good sunday! <3

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