It is once again monday and I have had a bloody hard one this week, gah! It is like all bad things are gathering up at once, isn’t it always that way?

Due to this week’s bad start, I decided that today should be the perfect day to practise some kindness to myself. As a pleasing, easily codependent, and a little bit insecure person with very low self esteem, I am an expert in squeezing and twisting myself inside out in order to make other people feel good and happy around me. Turning this towards myself is, on the other hand, a complete different story. My therapist keeps telling me that I need to be much more kind to myself, do things that I like to do, turn my back on negativity and towards what warms my heart as well as my soul. So easy to hear, so difficult to do.

Today the Spanish sun is once again shining, I will be travelling to the very North of Sweden tomorrow and most probably won’t see much sun there, so I give myself a little present in forms of taking a long walk/run and soak up some vitamin D, the phone left at home, no time pressure, only me, myself and I.

If you need some inspiration about how to give yourself somoe love, my five best ways to practise kindness to myself are:


Taking a walk outside

Eat really dark chocolate

Take a nap or a long sleepy morning

Wear sport clothes (as that’s what I feel most comfortable in)

Say no to things

Strech my body out, on a carpet, on a bench, on the floor, just doing some regular stretching exercises and get the good flow in the body again

Take a long shower with some good music on

Take time to put on some badass makeup and look a million dollar

Hug my son


How is your monday? Are you good at loving yourself today? <3

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