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17 February 2019

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Yesterday the sun was shining over a +3 degrees cold (or shall I say warm?) Luleå. We started the morning with an exhibition at Luleå library and cultural house. It was a very interesting theme about fascism and darker times, my sister in law has made one of the pieces there about the river of Luleå and the no longer existing streams in it. Beautiful! I like to bring Mini on museums and exhibitions, it is a nice way of opening up his senses and creativity about abstract as well as existential thoughts . Looking at a painture or sculpture and ask him if he think it is beautiful or not, and why, can lead to many interesting discussions about what beauty really is.

After the cultural experience, we went for a kicksledge ride ont he frozen archipelago of Luleå. A beautiful, sunny day, but very windy and hence extremely cold! The kicksledge is used as a mean of transportation during the winterperiod and is a really funny and rapid way of moving yourself around. We could not stand more than half an hour on the ice, despite our well adapted winter clothes, the wind made it impossibly cold. If you are travelling to Luleå or any other cold destination and you have a chance to try ice skating or kicksledging, on the sea, then you should! It is a powerful experience being on open water, the children loves it too! Just make sure you have many layers of wool under your coat, and some badass gloves to keep you warm while skating around! Jeans are not to recommend!

This morning we are once again lucky with the weather, and a sunshine sunday asks for more snow related activities!


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