One of the best make up tips I’ve ever got is to use brushes instead of my fingers when applying foundation, powder, rouge and highlighters.

Not only does the result become more even and long lasting but the movements you do when applying your make up, are easier to control and the morning make up routine hence one little step easier.

There are many, many variations of brushes on the market, I use one for foundation and rouge on a daily basis, the rest are more superficial and used for special make up occasions but still very useful.


So if you are still using your hands to apply your make up, you should invest in at least one brush for the foundation and try to use that one instead, I think you will be as positively surprised as me! Just remember to keep your brushes clean! That is something I tend to forget myself and those brushes can be a real collection of makeup residue, bacteries and dead skin. In the worst case the dirty brushes can lead to breakouts – so make sure to keep the cleaning routine!


Have a lovely tuesday beauties!

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