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21 February 2019

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My birthday started in the North and ended in the most beautiful city in the world : Stockholm. This is not me being patriotic, all people I know who have been in Stockholm, say it is a MA-GI-CAL place! I can only agree, the city is spread out on 14 islands and here you are surrounded by sea breeze and chirping seagulls as you walk around discovering the different islands and trendy neighbourhoods in the city.

I have so much to say about my country, I need to make a whole book one day! I am so, so proud of it and about how my people are one of the most educated, green, connected, innovative and creative people in the world (OK, now I am being a bit patriotic)! This little country in the North of Europe, with only around 10million inhabitants, and yet we are the creators of enormous enterprises, of world known music, of the most extraordinary nature, of high class fashion designers, top chef restaurants, and my people are one of the most happy people in the world (not to forget that Sweden is the no. 1 best country for women to live in!). Scandinavia is great and Sweden is the greatest, my home <3

Ok, enough of this love rush, just wanted to say please, please make sure you once in life go to visit Stockholm, you will not regret it!

I have a lot of Stockholm to squeeze in one day, tomorrow we are continuing our travel to Paris, so we gotta get moving! Check out my stories at instagram @lindaloefling if you want to see some snapshots from Stockholm today!

Happy thursday! <3

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