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1 March 2019

Food & Travel My Madrid


I have had my shared part of visitors since I moved to Madrid and I brought them all to this place: Mercado de San Miguel in the center of Madrid.

This is not a simple market. In fact, it is a beautiful building where you can enjoy both gastronomy and architecture at once! It’s characteristical architectural design is very beautiful with it’s iron, pane and natural light. Apart from being an axtravagant market, there is a possibility to visit exhibitions and concerts inside and you can also buy souvenirs, flowers and cosmetics inside the market if you want to by something more than food.

Here you have the opportunity to buy typical Spanish products and you can also try a variety of traditional Spanish dishes in the many stands around: gazpacho, tapas, sausages, fish, seafood and the mandatory: jamón and paella. There are also other alternatives in this market if you fancy something else, sushi, fruit stands with smoothies and much more. Thirsty visitors can find several stands with beverages to accompany your food, champagne, sangria, beer, wine…everything you can ask for.

I can warmly recommend you to pass by here if you are in Madrid. Each time I brought someone here, they have been very happy with the experience – and surely left with full stomachs. The market is located very central and nearby many tourist attractions, so make sure you stop by here for brunch/lunch/a glass of sangria before continuing your touristing!


Today’s little travel tips! Now there is a grey and rainy Paris waiting for me outside, have a happy weekend people! <3


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