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Valentines day, a day where Scandinavians buy roses for over 10EUR a piece, cultivated in Africa, shipped to the very North pole and sold for a fortune, in one of the coldest month of the year – speaking of awareness and seasonal shopping 😉

The day of love should not only be a day where you set focus out of yourself, but rather a day to spend time on focusing on one of the persons you should love the most in life : yourself.

Have you set off a little time today to celebrate you and just you? Take a long bath, listen to good music, take a power walk – or a power nap, hug your loved ones, cuddle with a pet, listen to a child laughing, read a good book, watch your favourite serie or movie, eat a big amount of quality chocolate, exercise, sit on the sun for a minute, listen to a podcast you like, work on a personal project you dream of finalizing, paint, sing, or just lay down on your bed and look at the roof and feel alive for a while?

Take that time today, to do something you really appreciate. Not something useful, something productive, something you just enjoy doing or feeling.


As for me, I have started a journey towards a minimalistic life, so shopping or getting presents is not on my wish list at all today. I just want to go for a sledge ride with my Mini, and spend time with my family that I love so much. Being back here in Sweden, I feel so grateful for the smart, warm and simply fantastic family I have, it is really everything isn’t it?  <3


Happy Valentines beautiful people, hope you get to spend it well! <3

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It is once again monday and I have had a bloody hard one this week, gah! It is like all bad things are gathering up at once, isn’t it always that way?

Due to this week’s bad start, I decided that today should be the perfect day to practise some kindness to myself. As a pleasing, easily codependent, and a little bit insecure person with very low self esteem, I am an expert in squeezing and twisting myself inside out in order to make other people feel good and happy around me. Turning this towards myself is, on the other hand, a complete different story. My therapist keeps telling me that I need to be much more kind to myself, do things that I like to do, turn my back on negativity and towards what warms my heart as well as my soul. So easy to hear, so difficult to do.

Today the Spanish sun is once again shining, I will be travelling to the very North of Sweden tomorrow and most probably won’t see much sun there, so I give myself a little present in forms of taking a long walk/run and soak up some vitamin D, the phone left at home, no time pressure, only me, myself and I.

If you need some inspiration about how to give yourself somoe love, my five best ways to practise kindness to myself are:


Taking a walk outside

Eat really dark chocolate

Take a nap or a long sleepy morning

Wear sport clothes (as that’s what I feel most comfortable in)

Say no to things

Strech my body out, on a carpet, on a bench, on the floor, just doing some regular stretching exercises and get the good flow in the body again

Take a long shower with some good music on

Take time to put on some badass makeup and look a million dollar

Hug my son


How is your monday? Are you good at loving yourself today? <3

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Food & Travel Inspiration


…I was here, in Normandy, France. The place is called les Falaises d’Etretat and is as you can see, a very dramatic and beautiful place. In February, there are very cold winds blowing in from the sea here and the rain can feel like nails on your skin as it whips you in the face. Luckily, Normandy is famous for their magnificent crêpes, and there are many places serving you mulled wine and French specialties when you had enough of this splendid view and the wild nature outside.

At this time in my life, I was in the middle of a very big project. I was still working, studying, struggling with the renovation of my house, raising a child solo, having LOADS of private issues and commuting to Spain almost weekly, it was a nightmare now when I think about it. Life has been very rough against me at times. But looking at those pictures, I know that I also lived some beautiful moments. Actually, many of them, I must try to forget about the ugly parts of 2018 and remember views and moments like these. Standing in front of the storming sea, with the wind blowing in my hair, a croissant or two in my stomach and many dreams and inspirational thoughts about the future exploding like fireworks in my head. Beautiful moments, moments to bring you energy in darker times.

I have been lucky enough to explore many beautiful destinations around the world, but the country where I have found most treasures, is definitely France. Even the smallest little village, can be hiding something magical. Buildings looking like masterpieces, amazingly tasty food, the most authentic and rare personalities. I have not yet discovered the whole Spain, there is still much to see here and I have heard a lot about many magical destinations in this country so my expectations are very high, but so far, my dear Scandinavia as well as France are my favourite places in the world. <3


Wish you a fantastic friday and hey, we are almost there – THE WEEKEND!


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The fashion industry is the second most water-polluting industry in the world, after agriculture. Fast fashion is built on an unsustainable process, where the bottom line and speed of the trend cycle are prioritised over all else. You all probably know about this already, but have you started to make a change about it?

I started the process of building a suistanable wardrobe some years ago (it is kind of a lifetime project) and in the same time I started also to buy most of my clothes, shoes and accessories second hand. I have entirely stopped “panic-purchase” or doing shopping as a some kind of hobby. Nowadays, I am keeping a wishlist and if I find myself lusting over something, I write it down. I have the wishlist saved in my iPhone notes where I add items that I believe I need or that would fulfill my wardrobe and make it more complete and wearable.

Some of the things I have on my wishlist right now:

White wool coat

Perfect crispy white shirt (aren`t we always looking for that one?)

Pinstriped pants 

A pair of Madrid mocasines

A black trenchcoat for the warmer spring days to come

Perfectly fitted jeans

Lower shoes to wear together with a costume


I am not in a rush of buying any of those yet, I enjoy the hunt for the perfect item and I take my time finding it. Building the perfect wardrobe from scratch takes time, and a lot of trials in different shops finding the right size for my loooong legs and curves 🙂

How about you? What`s on your clothing wishlist these days?



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Expat Life Food & Travel Inspiration My City Tips


I am not a big fan of chains, and least of all Starbucks, but this spot is actually a really nice one to sit and work so I must recommend it for that reason! Food and drinks are as expected, but the location and the ambiance is really nice. I have not seen it very crowded ever and I normally arrive around 10am or so, so it is not super early and yet many of the good spots left to choose between.

There are tables upstairs too, so you can choose a calmer place if you feel like it becomes too noisy downstairs.

Maybe not the fanciest café tips for tourists travelling to Madrid, but a good tips for the ones who seek a place to sit and work!

Today I am in Aranjuez working, one has to travel while one can! Soon enough I’ll be sitting tied to a desk somewhere, being employed and not able to enjoy my freedom as I do today! God I really love to be able to work from everywhere in the world, so much more worth than a big, fat payslip! Freedom!

Carpe Diem etc, right? <3

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