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Time flies, soon it is one year ago since I set my feet on the streets of Madrid for the first time. Little did I know that one year later I’d be celebrating Halloween here with Mini.

But on to something else, can we take a moment to talk about how bad I am at being that “think about everything” mother?

Perfect example yesterday: Asked the parents in Mini’s class about how or where to celebrate Halloween tonight, got the answer that the kids will dress up today at school, information I have of course missed as Mini has been with his father in Paris for one week. Now it was 20.00 and not that many costume shops open at that time…were lucky enough to get a cute and actually quite nice pumpkin disguise and felt as if we were saved from a smaller disaster of embarrassment, only to show up at school this morning to see all children being perfectly facial painted as ghosts, pirates, and you name it…of course not dressed up as something cute or funny, they had obviously passed over to the age now where they should be totally scary. In fact, the scarier, the better. And they all looked like they had been at some make up artist in the morning before showing up at school. I felt so sorry for Mini, I know how important it is to fit into the group, and now he was about to be a cute (actually the cutest in the world) pumpkin instead of a ghost who just woke up from the grave. He told me it was fine, but my heart broke into thousand pieces anyway. So it was a low and heartbroken mother who left the school this morning, yet again feeling like quite a failure, even though I tried my best to save the situation with what I had.

This is so typical me, I often feel like other parents are such super parents, making their own cakes and bread to the kids lunchboxes, having amazing birthday parties in their homes, always iron their children school uniforms…while I feel like I am still just guessing around in my parenthood. He is soon six years old but I have the feeling I am still a newbie at this! Can someone tell me how you do to get things right?



Well, anyway, tomorrow is a bank holiday, and I will do whatever Mini wishes! Will try to see of I can find something spooky that we can do tonight too. We were one week away from eachother (or well, 5 days) when he was in Paris and I have missed him so much! I even miss him a little bit now, when he is in school. Children, the best thing. <3


Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks for reading!

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