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I am myself very guilty of yelling “careful” to my son every five minutes. He is a very active boy and he takes every chance to do smth risky that makes your heart stop.

I haven’t thought about it, but surely there are many ways of telling a child to watch out, than the trite, old “careful”. I believe strongly that how we talk to and treat our children has a great impact ot how they will turn out to be as adults. It is just that among everything else in the daily life, I honestly tend to forget seeking alternative methods to regular disputes that may appear at home. Instead it seems easier to just fall back into old habits and handling challenges on auto pilot, despite the fact that the methods used may be very contraproductive at times. The good side of my parenthood is that I know I make mistakes and I want to be better, I try, as often as I have the chance (and the memory for it) to seek for information about how to think differently and do things differently in order to be the best possible parent for my boy.

One of my latest Google searchs for “tips to stop nagging your kids” resulted in the discover of these alternatives to “careful” (@thebackwoodsmama) and I thought these were great tips for parents who wants to foster awareness:


  • Notice how…these rocks are slippery, that branch is strong.
  • Do you see…the poison ivy, your friends nearby.
  • Try moving…your feet carefully, quickly, strongly.
  • Try using your…arms, hans, feet, legs.
  • Can you hear…the rushing water, the singing birds, the wind?
  • Do you feel…stable on that rock, the heat from the fire?
  • Are you feeling…scared, excited, tired, safe?




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Did you just woke up? Or have your little heartbreaker been up and hence also you, since the early sunrise?

My son is a real latino, he has always been a good sleeper and he is actually still in bed, snoozing his sunday away. Yesterday we were out walking along the Madrid Rio park, and we did about 11km by foot during the whole day, there was so much to see and the weather was perfect so we never wanted to go home! A great tips for families travelling to Madrid with children and not sure of what to do – visit Madrid Rio!


Today is all about taking things slow, I have one only wish and that is to watch as many episodes of Homeland as possible, horizontal mode 🙂 But having a child at home means being at least a little bit active, so here are some tips of what you can do if your creativity is a bit rosty today, best of all : they’re all for free!

  • Put on some really good songs (or sing!) and dance, or clean or do other house duties together while singing out loud. When living in Oslo, we normally did this every friday, we cleaned the house together and celebrated the good work by having a really tasty dinner with dessert, I can warmly recommend cleaning the house that way! Include the children in all sorts of activities around the house, it is also a good way of introducing them to what it is like living alone. Otherwise the feeling of dancing and singing together is just lovely, who can stay in a bad mood when dancing?
  • Let your phone stay in a pocket the whole day and spend all your attention today on your child.
  • Bad weather outside? Snuggle up under a huge blanket and watch a movie together. For extra coziness : add warm chocolate!
  • Go out in the nature, or the nearest park and look at things. Yes I just mean all kind of random things, the trees, the stones, the snow, the grass, the dead leaves, the traces of animals if any…discover nature through your child’s eyes and try to answer all their questions. I love teaching Mini about nature, yesterday we talked about how birds construct their nests, quite tricky to answer without googling hehe 🙂
  • Bring all your pencils and colors outside and sit down and paint what you see together.
  • Have lunch outside! Or a snack! Or just a warm drink! Or a fruit! Everything tastes better outside!
  • Is the library open today? Go there! If it is closed, then find a book and read it together (and go to the library another day, awesome concept!).
  • Start a rock collection. Later, try to find out what sort it is and learn about different rocks together. Maybe there’s a Mineralogical Society nearby where you live where you can find information? This is so funny to get all nerdy about!
  • Visit a playground. No more explanation needed I guess?
  • Go plogging! This is a Swedish trend, sounds fancy but actually means go for a “litter clean up”-walk. Put on gloves and bring some big bags with you and make a stroll around your community. This is a great way of talking about really important things such as our precious earth and environmental issues of today. Early learning about the importance of not throwing trash in the nature, is essential basics for our little ones, my opinion (and also something Swedish and Norwegian children get to learn in kindergarten).
  • Write a letter to a family member or a friend (and don’t forget to send it!). Such a rare activity these days, but also one of the most heart-warming gifts to recieve. I couldn’t be happier for a real letter from anyone in these paper-free society we live in!
  • Learn a magic trick. Are you as bad wizard as me? Then I’d say it is OK to google “simple coin trick” and practice it together with Mini!
  • Bake something. Bread, fruit sallad, cakes, popsicles…whatever you feel like! Or let your child decide!


Pheeew, I got over-inspired by thinking of things I could do with Mini today, but I’ll stick to the plan, today we will take things slow. Make our homeworks outside in the sun is the only goal I have, all the rest will come as it comes!


Have a lazy sunday dear readers! <3

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