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Good morning dear readers! How are you today?


This wednesday started early and energic, the sun is still shining over Paris and I have had a good night’s sleep! YEY! Today I am actually working on developing my business plan, a strategy for my personal brand as well as for my social channels. I haven’t talked much about how I spend my days and what I do for a living and that is partly because my life design it is still under construction. Well, firstly I study economy remotely via BI Norwegian Business School and follwing the classes takes me about the whole day. The rest of my time I choose to spend on several smaller projects, all leading to one bigger goal, which is what I dream about in the end : building my own business where I’ll help people and especially women to be more independent and live more freely! Big dreams huh?

Today I am hence writing on a plan for how my project will move forward and how/if my channels are fulfilling their purpose of driving my project in the right direction. Here is a short description of my goals with this blog and my other social channels:

  • Building up knowledge within digital marketing/social media. This is the mainreason why you find me on instagram, pinterest, on this blog and in my podcasts. I want to learn how the platforms work and how companies as well as private persons can use them to make their businesses and brands grow. And – it is incredibly funny to write and create content!!
  • Develop my writing- as well as my language skills. I am not a native english speaker, nor am I a native Norwegian, French or Spanish speaker, but while working with my channels, I always find ways of using the languages I know and I learn new words and phrases day by day. I started this blog in English because I thought my English skills needed a boost and I wanted to ameliorate it for my future international job dreams. If I am “obliged” to write in English on a daily basis, I force myself to develop!
  • Get a deeper knowledge about what I want to develop myself more into. It is some serious work to run social channels with a professional purpose, influencers often talk about that they run a full media production, which is not false. Included in this job you find photography, content management, content production, strategy, editing, relationship building, social media management and much, much more. I want to focus and work independently with one or two of these areas later on, but at the moment I am not really sure which part I like the most. Working as an “micro influencer” myself, allows me to discover this. So far, content creation and strategy are my favourite parts of this job! <3
  • Build my personal brand and learn how to manage it properly. My personal brand is one part of my start up idea that I also work with on the side. Creating a sort of interest for myself as a person is one important step of my business plan. Realising that your story is worth telling, has been and is still, very difficult for me to believe in. I am a true Scandinavian thinking that I am not anything special and my life is not interesting enough. My business idea, however, is something I believe strongly in and I really, really want it to succeed. I keep trying to convince myself that I am interesting enough – and the amount of readers here in this blog shows me that I am party on the right way!
  • Lastly, I have lived an extraodrinary life so far, I have made friends all over the world and many of them tell me that I should write about my life as it is a source of inspiration to others. With those words ringing in my head, I try to tell my story to show people how wonderfully exciting life can turn out! You decide so much yourself! You can choose to study or not study, to buy a house, get a degree and a fancy job or a very normal and lovely job, become a mother or become a dog owner  or live alone, get a family life and then decide to change and do things differently and move to exotic places or stay where you grew up and set roots forever, make a new perfect home for your family, make new amazing friends, discover amazing places, live amazing moments – it is entirely up to you how you want to design it! Life is in front of your feet!



So, from the bottom of my heart : THANK YOU so much for clicking in here leaving your own unique trace and support. Thank you for your comments and your feedback that I recieve daily on my instagram account (@lindaloefling ). I have many thousands of viewers of my content every week and it makes me happy and honestly a little scared and shy too. It is scary imagining how many you are! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support means a lot <3

Now go out and have the most wonderful wednesday!

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It is weekend and time to be off, and by off I also like to include off tech, offline, off screen, you get it.

I have never used my phone for other than socialising or work, but today I feel that it is a must to be connected and within reach 24/7 and it makes me feel captured somehow. Last week I decided to no longer bring my phone with me while running/taking Mini to school/walking the dog etc. I also have an old school regular watch on my wrist to keep track on time, and an even more old school for the alarm in the morning. My next step is to lay away the phone when I come home, and ony use it if someone calls, as the phone distracts me too much from being present with my child or my work.

Do you feel like you are in a need of a detox too? How about you start by talking a sunday walk and leave your phone at home today? You do not have to take pictures of everything you see, you do not have to be reachable the whole day, you do not have to update social medias about how wonderful your sunday brunch is, you just have to be there, you know, in the moment.

Give it a try!

Have a lovely, screen-free sunday all of you <3

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