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The fashion industry is the second most water-polluting industry in the world, after agriculture. Fast fashion is built on an unsustainable process, where the bottom line and speed of the trend cycle are prioritised over all else. You all probably know about this already, but have you started to make a change about it?

I started the process of building a suistanable wardrobe some years ago (it is kind of a lifetime project) and in the same time I started also to buy most of my clothes, shoes and accessories second hand. I have entirely stopped “panic-purchase” or doing shopping as a some kind of hobby. Nowadays, I am keeping a wishlist and if I find myself lusting over something, I write it down. I have the wishlist saved in my iPhone notes where I add items that I believe I need or that would fulfill my wardrobe and make it more complete and wearable.

Some of the things I have on my wishlist right now:

White wool coat

Perfect crispy white shirt (aren`t we always looking for that one?)

Pinstriped pants 

A pair of Madrid mocasines

A black trenchcoat for the warmer spring days to come

Perfectly fitted jeans

Lower shoes to wear together with a costume


I am not in a rush of buying any of those yet, I enjoy the hunt for the perfect item and I take my time finding it. Building the perfect wardrobe from scratch takes time, and a lot of trials in different shops finding the right size for my loooong legs and curves 🙂

How about you? What`s on your clothing wishlist these days?



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