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Bonjour ma Belle!

You just woke up from your beautysleep and the sunrays are shining softly in your face to promise you a good day ahead. You take a shower, put on your best clothes and as you pass the hall before leaving your apartment, you see a glimpse of yourself in the mirror: you look a million dollar. Sunglasses on and phone, keys and handbag with you as you step out on the Parisian street. You stop to arrange your scarf as it is still a bit chilly in the mornings and while standing there, you observe the Parisians as they look for fresh baguettes at their local boulangerie, take a walk with their dogs and come back from a run in the nearest park. You see their gesturing as they speak with eachother, you hear their typical Parisian complaints about everything from politics to the quality of their croissant this morning and you smile at how all the classic prejudgements you heard about Parisians before you came here, seem to be true.

You start walking down the streets towards your favourite brasserie. Luckily your place, a window seat in a corner is still free and the waiter is someone who recognize you. He smiles at you when you sit down and he proposes you what you always ask for when you come there; un petit déjeuner continental – meaning a breakfast all inclusive, extra everything. You have your coffee, juice, yoghurt, croissant, pain au chocolat, tartine with Nutella, butter, jam, everything you can ask for when you are a hungry girl on an early morning. You get your food, you take up your phone and see that you have recieved a message from a dear friend who wants to meet you later, you can’t help but smiling from ear to ear as you answer with one word “OUI!”. You take up a book you just bought, and before you start to dig in to the “to die for” breakfast in front of you, you gaze outside the window and you see a bunch of tourists crossing the street, their faces turned towards the skyline, pointing. You can see their excited calls to eachother and you understand why as you lift your eyes and you see the Eiffel Tower there in the far distance. One of the tourists spots you as you observe them, she smiles at you and you realize that for her you must look like one of the locals. Just one of the lucky 2,2 million Parisian inhabitants sitting here on your favourite spot in this particular neighbourhood enjoying your breakfast and making plans with friends and you smile back to her as you think about how surrealistic it is that she got that impression completely right.

Greeting and the very best tuesday wibes from Paris <3

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Something all children love to do is to go to a farm! See and touch animals, maybe be able to feed and pet them, sit in a tractor, see how the farmer take care of the yard….it is exciting even for me who grew up on a farm. I am proud of the job farmers do and I would definitely like to see that this profession raised in status from what it sometimes is nowadays. When I was younger, it was geeky being a farmer, something ugly you said about people who weren’t cool enough. In fact, the farmer’s job takes sometimes five years of education at a university, and you need a lot of knowledge to run a farm and take care of it properly in order to make money of the job. All this to say that I really like to bring children to the farm and teach them (and myself)  about agriculture, plants and animals. I think it is a very important job that is performed on a farm and I’d like to educate my son to know and to respect the nature, animals and understand how food is produced. How Scandinavian of me to get all head over heels when talking about the respect for the environment huh? 🙂

Located some 30km from the center of Paris, you find les fermes de Gally that is a relatively big farm with loads of activities for children. Except the animals and the regular farm attractions, there is also a possibility to pick fruits and vegetables when the season allows it, there are ateliers where children can bake their own bread, produce honey to mention some things, there is a café with very tasty brunches available, and a gift shop as well as a market with loads of exclusive and rare brands, here you can find all sorts of food, fresh as well as conserved.

I was there around christmas 2018 and it was a good day to come as there were not so many people there, now when the weather is more inspiring, I guess the place will be more and more filled with curious children who wants to discover the newborn animals when they arrive. The small goats are always popular as they are so kind and tolerant to small children’s hands coming to pet and maybe even lift them. Cuties.

It was a good trip, enough to do in a day when you may feel too absorbed by the city and you would like to get a touch of fresh air (and let the children run off their energy). After you’ve been at the farm, you can prolongate the exercution by taking a short drive to Versailles as it is not so far located from les Fermes de Gally. Versailles is a really nice city, not only for it’s extravagant castle, but for the splendid buildings and the pretty streets around – but that is another blog post!


Have a lovely saturday, sunny greetings from Paris! <3

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Yesterday afternoon, we finally arrived at our end destination Luleå, in the very North of Sweden, a travel of around 12 hours ( which feels like 24 when traveling with a wild six year old ). Coming from spring feelings and a never ending shiny sun, to drifts of snow, minus degrees and cars driving over the frozen sea. It is slightly (very) different, but oh so nice to be among my own language and people for once.

Look how far up in the North we are! My dear home country Sweden <3

I don’t know if other expats can relate, but I am rarely using my mother tongue in my daily life, so it takes me some time to adapt to speak good Swedish again, after being away from my country for months. I often fill in my sentences with foreign words, as my brain can’t catch up the Swedish word immediately as I speak. How weird, it is the language I’ve been using for my whole life and yet dissapearing when not used, that is why it is so important to keep up the usage of any foreign language you learn, or you may easily forget it.

No time for a long post today, I have a lot of work to do and a lot of snow to enjoy and maybe, if we are lucky, some Northern lights to admire! Hope your wednesday is as great as you! Thanks as always for reading! <3


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When I first got the idea of leaving Oslo for Madrid, people had MANY opinions about it. They told me it would never work, I would never make it here alone with my child (and if I did, it would be a real damage to him to move to a new country). It was a mistake of me to quit my job, to rent out my house, to go to a country where I did not even speak the language.

I did not listen to them, I was not happy in Oslo, in fact, I had never been more sad as the last year I was living there. The way I see it, it would have been a failure of me staying in something that did not bring me happiness. A beautiful house, a good job, things settled – guess you have all heard this story before : Inside I was screaming. I wanted more out of my life, I was not feeling alive. Everyday I struggled to understand the meaning of my life. The meaning of having that house, that I was so unhappy in. The meaning of working in that respected job, that did not give me any pleasure. The meaning of getting up and going to bed everyday and feeling like I did not have time or energy to appreciate my son. I could not understand why my live should be like this. People insisted, I was not going to make it, I would regret my choice, I would end up unhappy. But we moved, me and Mini. Together. Our first trip here was in February 2018, one weekend of beautiful discoveries, I remembered we walked in a park in the sun the evening before leaving home to Oslo on sunday, and I thought about how beautiful life was and how thrilled we both were to start over in this new place called Madrid. After all these hard years, with so much suffering and sadness, we would finally find peace and recover.

Despite my “so it seemed” courage and positive attitude, I was all the time feeling the questions of my friends, colleagues, all these people surrounding me. “What if it would not work?” Would it be a failure then? Would that be a good enough reason for me to stay where I was in Oslo and keep my mouth shut? No. Of course not. Trying is never failing. You must try and you must sometimes fail too, in order to progress and develop. It hurts when buds crack to bloom.

I do not call my choices in life mistakes, nor failures. I would say they are only failures if you do not learn from them and I am good at learning. Moving to Madrid was not a failure. It was an adventure. I would have regretted it forever if I would not have dared to go.

What I want to say with this is that you can never know what the future will bring, never. Sometimes we end up in unwanted situations we did not plan from the beginning, and sometimes the fear of failing, or the fear of the unknown, makes us stay longer in something that is bad, than what is maybe good for us. I feel a lot of things about Madrid and this year, but most of all I feel gratitude for everything I get to do, and discover. I know, that it is my courage and boldness that has brought me here and I am proud of my accomplishments. I am courageous. It is a gift being a courageous person. Sometimes it brings you into challenging situations, but that is a part of the game.

Just listen to your gut feeling. And jump. Say yes, as often as you can. Don’t be so scared of the unknown, remember:


There’s freedom, waiting for you,

on the breezings of the sky.

And you ask

“But what if I fall?”

Oh, but my darling,

what if you fly?



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Silence on the blog these days as I am still on vacation and hence taking things very easy. A new exciting year has begun and I am now in Paris for a week,setting some new goals and dreams for 2019.

Or well, honestly I just walk around taking photos and eating croissants. Life can be so simple but yet so nice, here in the most beautiful city in the world <3

Happy New Year to you all!

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